New District Mobile Apps Now Available

Connecting to the Armstrong School District has never been easier!  The district is happy to announce the recent launch of two new mobile apps that will help employees, parents, and students connect to the district in an even easier way.
District Wide App
This app is available in both the Android and iOS markets, and is only for use on cell phone devices.  It is not currently available for tablets.
  • Search for 'Armstrong School District' in your phone's app market to find it.
  • Now you can receive district and individual school alerts on your mobile device as a pop-up or push notification.  Receive information such as early dismissal times, snow day/delays, and other important information.
  • This will not replace the current calling system, but will work in conjunction with it.
  • Easily access district/school information from the app without going to your phones browser.
Skyward Mobile App
This app is now available in the Android, iOS, Amazon Marketplace, and Windows Store markets.
  • Search for 'Skyward' in your phone's app market to find it and then log in.
  • Parents and students can use the app to look up their child's information
  • Teachers can enter grades and take attendance, among other things.
  • For more information regarding Skyward, check out the 'Parent Portal' section of our website here.